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The spatial resolved analysis of trace elements offers a deeper understanding of solid samples and thus of processes that lead to formation or transformation of e.g. geological samples. Since small spot sizes improve the resolution a high sensitive detection is key for this kind of applications. With its industry-leading sensitivity the PlasmaQuant® MS Elite allows […]

Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a well established technique in trace analysis offering fast, multi-element analysis, unsurpassed detection limits and excellent linear dynamic range. A key limitation though, articularly in comparison to elemental techniques like Atomic Absorption (AAS) and ICP-Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) is the level of total dissolved solids that an […]

Half Your Argon Consumption with the Eco Plasma With a newly designed and advanced RF generator, the PlasmaQuant® MS continues to produce a robust and stable plasma, only now with an argon consumption rate of less than 10 L/min. Able to handle any matrix type including strong acids, volatile organic solvents and high-solid samples, the […]

PlasmaQuant® MS. AnalytikJena     PlasmaQuant MS Configured for routine applications Minimum 0.5 Mc/s/ppb on In115 Exceeds other quadrupole ICP-MS Cone interface and sample introduction optimized for higher throughput, routine sample matrices Aplications Drinking water, waste water, seawater, etc Soils, sediments, sludges Food safety, pharmaceuticals Chemicals and petrochemicals Agriculture         PlasmaQuant […]

¡¡¡¡MUCHAS GRACIAS A TODOS LOS CLIENTES que habéis asistido a nuestros seminarios!!!! ¡¡¡MUCHAS GRACIAS  a todos los clientes que queríais venir y no habéis podido!!!! ¡¡¡MUCHAS GRACIAS a todos los clientes que confiáis en Inycom y en Analytikjena!!!! Después de una semana muy intensa en la que hemos recorrido 2.000 kms, hemos hablado con 140 clientes,……….. […]

Por fin, tras unos largos meses de espera, esta semana ve la luz la nueva línea de ICP-MS fabricados por Analytik Jena. Como resultado de la adquisición de la línea de negocio de ICP-MS a Bruker, hace unos meses, y del desarrollo de nuevos e innovadores equipos, la serie PlasmaQuant MS lleva a cabo su […]

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