Chemical-free water Determination


Hallo again,

this time I want to introduce a new equipment manufactured by Berghof. The  easyH2O one !

This system is capable if determining the water content of a sample in a fast, efficient, accurate, simple and environmentally friendly way.

The System

measures the amount of water from a sample by thermo-coulometry.

The water is evaporated out of the sample in an oven and transported with a carrier gas to a water selective coulometric sensor.

By special temperature profiles of the heating program the different bonding forms of water are differentiated and identified.


The sensor consists of a hygroscopic layer of P2O5 that absorbs water from the carrier gas. By electrolysis of water the electrical charge is determined and converted into the amount of water by means of Faraday´s Law.

The sensor meets the requirements of following standards for water determination in gases:

DIN 50450, ASTM D 5454, ISO 11541:1997


Surprising ease of operation, consists of:

  • Load the program temperature profile in the software
  • Weigh the sample
  • Put sample in the oven
  • And … begin the analysis

The results obtained are fully comparable to other techniques for determination of water as the Karl-Fischer Titration.

It is therefore a novel device on the market offering following advantages:

  • Chemical-free, no reagents needed
  • Selective determination of water
  • Differentiation between different bonding forms of water
  • Easy to operate and ready at all times
  • Environmentally friendly

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