Monoclonal Antibody F-103 anti-KLH. Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin


Monoclonal Antibody F-103 anti-KLH


Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) is a large, glycosylated, multisubunit, oxygen-carrying, metalloprotein, is found in the hemolymph of the Megathura crenulata. The subunit protein tends to polymerize into high molecular weight complexes.The protein contains two copper atoms that bind an oxygen molecule. KLH is a highly immunogenic protein and widely used for conjugating to small molecules (haptens) and make them immunogenic, facilitating the creation of an immune response against them, which would otherwise not be possible.

Monoclonal Antibody: anti-KLH

Immunogen: KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanine)

Host: mouse

Clone: F2 P5 A7

Size: 0.1, 1 and 10 mg/vial

Source: cell culture

Isotype: IgG1-kappa

Specificity: KLH protein.

Buffer: phosphate buffer saline 10 mM, NaCl 150 mM, sodium azide 0,099%


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