Recombinant Protein Human Granulysin, GNLY

Recombinant Protein Human

Discover a Recombinant Protein Human Granulysin

GNLY is a member of the saposin-like protein (SAPLIP) family and is located in the cytotoxic granules of T cells (CD8), which are released upon antigen stimulation.

GNLY is an antimicrobial protein that kills intracellular pathogens, active against a broad range of microbes, including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, and parasites. It creates holes in the target cell membrane and destroys it. It is expressed in cytolytic granules with perforin, a pore forming protein, and granzymes that are also involved in cytolysis. Kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis.



NCBI GENE ID: 10578 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: 22749 Location: Chr 2, 85.91 – 85.93 Mb PDB ID: 1L9L
Presentation: Stored in PBS at -80ºC
Source: E. coli
Molecular weight: 11 KDa, plus His-Tag
Buffer: PBS.


Lot Specifications

1. Concentration: lot specific
2. Total quantity per aliquot: see references
3. Storage: should be kept frozen at -20 or -80 degrees.
4. Applications:
a. Apoptosis research.
b. Antimicrobial peptides.
c. As calibrator or controls of detection kits.
5. Observations: Avoid freeze thaw cycles.



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“Granulysin cristal structure and a structure-derived lytic mechanism” Anderson DH, Sawaya MR, Cascio D, Ernst W, Modlin R, Krensky A, Eisenberg D, J.Mol.Biol. (2002) 325 p.355


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