Determination of limited volume clinical samples using ContrAA


Flame atomic absorption spectrometry is the method of choice in many clinical laboratories for the determination of several elements in whole blood serum, plasma and other body liquids.

Due to the sample introduction principle in flame AA the typical sample volume consumption is in the range of several mL per minute. This requires original sample volumes often impossible to obtain in many clinical cases.

This situation has changed after introduction of HRCS (High Resolution Continuum Source) AAS in ContrAA 300.

HRCS Flame-AAS allows automated, fast sequential, multi element analysis of up to 5 elements in less than 5 mL sample solution (0.5 mL original sample). In addition to that HRCS AAS in most cases makes uniform sample preparation possible in contrast to classical AAS where different dilution ratios of the samples and diluents have to be prepared.

ContrAA and HR CS AAS is the perfect toll for automated fast sequential multi element analysis and fully meets the requirements of routine clinical laboratories and others dealing with limited volume samples.

Dr. René Nowka
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Analytical Instrumentation

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