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Again, I am contacting you, in this case to send you the latest news from Till Photonics, as you know, we represent exclusively in Spain since last September

Till is a company in the field of fluorescence microscopy applied to life sciences.

TIRF Images taken with TILL Photonics Solutions

Dr. Franciso Barras and his team at University Oviedo, Spain, employed co-transfection experiments in mammalian cells to study the molecular determinants that allow a recombinant hERG N-terminal fragment to restore the normal gating properties of channels carrying structural alterations in their amino terminus.

A TILL light source was used in combination with a TILL TIRF condenser, and images taken with TILL‘s Imago 12-bit CCD camera were managed by a TILL software analysis tool.
More details can be found in this document.

Articles on Experiments with TILL Imaging Systems.

There is a comprehensive collection of articles available which describe experiments done between 2009-2011 and which use our TILL Imaging Systems solutions. They can be found here; in case you would like your article to be posted, too, please let us know and we will be happy to add it to the list.

TILL Photonics + FEI Company: Strategic Technology Acquisition for Life Sciences

We are pleased to inform you that in addition to being your premier supplier of fluoresence microscopes and imaging systems, we will extend our product offerings also to sol utions for correlative microscopy.
Our news on this acquisition can be found here.

New on Events

Neuroscience 2011 as one of the major worldwide meetings to present latest technology on brain and nervous system research was only one opportunity for TILL Photonics to exhibits its high-end solutions in light microscopy. Other possibilities to meet us in 2011 were the

• EMBO Meeting in Vienna in Austria
• Meeting of the Japanese Neuroscience in Yokohama
• Signal Transduction Society Meeting in Munich

More for this year:

• ASCB 2011, 3-7 December, Denver, USA
• PhotonicNet Forum, 13 December, Wetzlar, Germany

More information in our webside:

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